Running with a Jogging Stroller Is Enjoyable For You And Your Baby!

If you’ve always considered yourself a runner or are looking to start running since having children, the current options on the market today have made running with a jogging stroller an awesome experience. Not only does it provide you with a great opportunity to exercise, but you will also be giving your baby an opportunity to explore the world around them. Babies (well, most of them) love being outside and will enjoy the fresh air as well as the new sights and sounds.

You may wonder why you need a specific jogging stroller instead of a more traditional 4-wheeled stroller.

Running with a Jogging Stroller Is Enjoyable For You And Your Baby

There are numerous reasons why a traditional stroller is not ideal, including:

  • Traditional strollers are designed to be used only on smooth, flat surfaces, making running anywhere other than smooth pavement difficult.
  • 4-wheels do not provide optimal stability when running at higher speeds
  • Traditional strollers have an increased chance of tipping when traveling at higher speeds
  • Wheels on a traditional stroller are often smaller plastic wheels with less stability

Running with a jogging stroller is the ideal situation thanks to new designs, increased functionality and affordable pricing.

Some of the features most jogging strollers include are:

  • 3 larger wheels are capable of handling all terrains
  • Front wheel that can be locked into a straight position for running or unlocked to allow for swiveling while walking
  • Enhanced shock mechanisms to ensure a smooth ride for your child
  • Parent and child trays with multiple features, such as cup holders, covered storage and built-in mp3 speakers (available with some models)
  • Large, adjustable canopy which will keep your child safe from weather conditions while you run
  • Wrist tether connected to the handlebar to prevent the stroller from getting away from you while running downhill
  • Hand brakes are available on some of the newer jogging strollers, giving you the upmost control while running
  • Depending on the exact features you want included, pricing for jogging strollers can range from $100-$500

If you are not convinced you should invest in a quality jogging stroller yet, consider that going for a run with your baby in a jogging stroller can have tremendous benefits for you both, including:

  • Time to bond with you baby. As you are running, you can sign songs, talk about what they are seeing or simply be together.
  • Help calm a fussy baby. A change in scenery and getting outside are two ways to help a fussy baby calm down. Running with a jogging can provide you and your baby with some much needed time to relax.
  • Getting healthy. If you are trying to lose weight after having a baby or would just like to have a more active lifestyle, running will help you achieve it. Running, especially while pushing a jogging stroller, is a fantastic exercise that will leave you feeling more energized.
  • Convenience. As long as you have a jogging stroller, you can go for a run with your baby at any time. There is no need for fancy equipment, gym membership or babysitter!

Running with a Jogging Stroller Tips Video

Check out these simple and great tips to make exercise with your jogging stroller a completely better experience. Make sure your stroller is ready for these tips for proper form!