Review: President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera


It can be a challenge to balance your budget and get only the best products for your baby. President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera meets you in the middle, allowing you to save without sacrificing quality. We had our parent testers try out this budget-friendly wash during bath time, and they were impressed with the slick, sudsy formula that easily tackled caked-on grime. Plus, this baby wash is dye-free and has a light, fresh scent.

It’s important to note that during our in-house testing of baby washes, we check each product’s pH. In case you’ve forgotten (some of our editors did, too), pH is a scale indicating how acidic or basic a liquid is. When it comes to your baby, whose skin pH naturally measures about 5.5, it’s a good idea to use products around the same level. President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera came in at 5.9, putting it in the ideal range to use on baby’s skin.

President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera comes in a wide, slim squeeze bottle with contoured sides. Our editors found that the bottle fit perfectly in the hand, making it effortless to open and close with one finger—super convenient when you’re using the other hand to keep your babe safe in the tub. This shapely container won’t easily slip through your fingers and sail across the bathroom tiles, but our parent testers found it slightly tougher to hang onto when wet. 

You’ll need to be mindful when applying this wash to your little one in the tub, because it comes out quickly—so much so, you don’t even have to squeeze the bottle. One parent tester found it easy to dispense the desired amount, while another experienced some difficulty in controlling the flow. This is owing to the product’s slippery texture and consistency, similar to a runny shampoo, which all of our parent testers enjoyed. Upon lathering, parents were also keen on how sudsy the wash became and how easily it spread over their child’s skin, meaning a little of this product goes a long way. They also appreciated that after a good scrub down, the wash was easy to rinse away—which makes bath time no longer than it needs to be.

During after-bath cuddles, our parent testers thought their babies felt clean and soft. Even though the majority noted their child smelled fresh, there were mixed reviews regarding the scent of President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera. One parent thought the product would be best for those who aren’t sensitive to scents, while another disliked the smell altogether. Our editors described the wash as having a mild, pleasant musk, reminiscent of clean linen (they, too, found their skin felt soft and pleasant after use).

As for effectiveness, our parent testers found this baby wash had the cleansing vigor to disintegrate dried spit-up and miscellaneous puréed foods from their little ones’ skin. Our editors were also impressed with its cleansing abilities, finding one application more than enough to cover a large area of skin. One parent tester found the formula a bit drying but said it cleaned well, but as another said this baby wash performs exactly as you’d expect it to: It feels nice, lathers well, and leaves the baby’s skin feeling silky and clean. (One thing worth noting is that the product is not meant to be used as a shampoo, so be mindful of keeping its use neck-down only.)


President’s Choice Baby Wash with Aloe Vera delivers a gentle yet thorough cleanse while also lathering and rinsing away easily. Overall, our parent testers were happy with its affordable price and found the large container long-lasting. Most gave the product above-average ratings for quality, ease of use, and satisfaction—and said they would recommend it to other parents. Out of the array of baby washes we tested, this one proved to be a quality product at a budget-friendly price.

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