Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller Review

Talk about safety for my baby? Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller is the ideal baby stroller for every caring parent anywhere in the world. I am very delighted to have bought this innovation with its great safety features.

I was really into giving the best for my newborn Ashley, making sure she gets pampered and comfortable with the crib, the stroller and all the other stuff she’d be lying unto.

I was browsing for a stroller online and checked almost every stroller here in Amazon, and the Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller stood out from all the rest.

I am really satisfied with my purchase and would love to share the great experience I have that you can also provide for your beloved babies.

Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller Review

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Auto Stop Braking System

This is what I loved most about the Navigator Stroller. This very cool feature keeps your baby safe, making sure that the wheels are kept within control.

The stroller will not move an inch when your hands are off the handle. They have attached a pressure brake system that automatically engages the brakes once the handle is released.

They are proud to provide the Navigator stroller as the first-of-its-kind to have the automatic braking system.

26 Riding Options for your Child

Babies can be very unpredictable and can change positions from time to time just two get that most comfortable position they can possibly be in. As parents, we get worried about how to avoid them from crying at those trying times. The Navigator stroller is designed to cater 26 different riding options for your baby and give them the best comfort they would prefer also putting extra care to your baby’s tender joints and bones as they ride the stroller.

In can be inclined it different angles. Also, its revolutionary structure allows you to reposition your baby with all the safety support needs to keep them inside the stroller, be it lying down or sitting, facing front or back. Your baby will get the comfort they deserve.

Features and Specifications

  • A specifically designed Handle Bar is mounted for the Auto Stop Braking System, with an easy release one hand fast hold and frame lock. Get a well-cushioned ride with its 12” air-filled wheels.
  • Allows you to easily remove the fabric and has a performance seating system with a taller seat back that can recline all the way so your baby can lie flat down; also provides an Optional Rear Facing seat that you can easily attach once you remove the fabric.
  • The Handle Bar is fully adjustable. Protect your baby from the sun with the follow-the-sun sunhood. The 5-point harness has a tail free design so you can adjust it easily. The footwell is of made of plastic for easy cleaning and an overall clean look.
  • Can take 2 infants maximum with two infant car seats and 26 different riding options to cater Newborn infants to Toddlers
  • Immense and superb single- mode strength capacity holding up to 44 pounds and an additional 11 pounds can be added to the rear basket. Surprisingly, the Navigator stroller is one of the lightest in the market only weighing 27 pounds.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller is one of the best- rated new strollers in the market. I have enjoyed reading different positive reviews and the average ranking score is 4.4. Below is an excerpt from a review a satisfied user of the Navigator Stroller:

I really love this stroller. A couple other strollers had some advantages over the Navigator, but you’re never going to get everything you want all in one package. It’s really attractive and seems to be made with quality materials. I’m super happy that we got it!


Overall, we are very satisfied with Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller. Having given its benefits that me and my Ashley are happily experiencing first-hand, it indeed is a must-have for all parents to provide to their beloved babies. I can never find another stroller like Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller!