Jogging Stroller Accessories Top 10 Must Have

Accessories, we usually associate this word with a necklace or purse as we accessorize our wardrobe. But what about your stroller? Jogging stroller accessories add an element of style to an outfit and they can do the same to your pushchair. But not only do they look great, many of them are functional and can make your outings easier.

Jogging Stroller Accessories Top 10 Must Have

jogging stroller accessories rain cover

1. Stroller Rain Covers

If you have a stroller, then it is pretty easy to find a rain cover that fits your stroller. Most models have a plastic window in the front so your baby can see out. Also, check for ventilation features, otherwise your baby might get steamy while inside.

These rain covers should tie into place or fasten easily with Velcro. They are a convenient feature for unexpected sprinkles. Be sure to check and see if you pushchair comes with a rain cover. Some manufacturers, like Zooper, include these extras!

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jogging stroller accessories sun cover

2. Pushchair Sun Protection

There is nothing worse than seeing a baby strapped in a stroller and squinting into the bright sunlight. Most jogging strollers come with a canopy, but often they are inadequate as shade.

For extra protection most manufacturers sell mesh covers to fit their strollers. Some of the higher end brands such as Maclaren and Bugaboo sell sun parasols and neatly attach to your pushchair for a sweet, elegant look.

Independent companies like Protect-A-Bub sell a large canopy that not only keeps the baby cool and offer shade, but also protection from harmful sun rays.

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jogging stroller accessories cold foot muff cover

3. Cold Weather “Boots” for Strollers

Another popular accessory is the foot-muff, or boot to protect your baby from cold weather.

You will want to research to see if this is something your baby buggy’s manufacturer offers because they are made specifically for certain stroller models.

These can easily be snapped into place and will keep your baby nice and cosy during cold weather.

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jogging stroller accessories seat liner

4. Pram Seat Liner

Do you worry about your baby or toddler spilling his snacks in the stroller? Try getting a protective seat liner. These can be easily removed and washed while keeping stains off the stroller.

Stroller seat pads are a great way to add comfort to any pram. Authentic wool seat pads will keep your baby or child warm in the winter and dry and cool in the summer. Wool is the ultimate insulation. Seat pads are particularly great for babies who need extra head and neck support.

These are a great addition to any stroller. Another plus is that seat pads and liners are removable for washing and keep your pushchair seat clean.

Extra padding is also available in some liners. These can be very useful for infants who need extra support for their neck and body. The final types of liners provide extra warmth. Protect-A Bub and other companies sell fleece or lamb’s wool liners that can keep baby warm on a chilly day.

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jogging stroller accessories organizer

5. Stroller Organizer

Not enough storage space in you current model? Try adding an organization pouch. Companies like Maclaren sell universal organizers that neatly hook onto your handlebars and have space to hold your water bottles and snacks.

You can also purchase cup holders and snack trays for models that have none. This can be a good feature for both parents and baby.

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jogging stroller accessories seat adaptor

6. Pushchair Seat Adaptor

Some parents find the perfect pushchair, only to learn that it does not accommodate their infant. Fortunately there is a remedy for this problem. First, check to see if your model accepts car seats, then check to see what brands are compatible.

Many stroller models are built with clips to hold a car seat in place. If this is not the case you can purchase a car seat adaptor for your buggy.

When using your adaptor be sure to install in correctly, and only use the recommended car seat brand.

This is all to protect your baby so take the necessary precautions.

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jogging stroller accessories tire pump

7. Stroller Tire Pump

If you own a stroller that has inflated wheels a tire pump is a must! Most models come with their own pump, but a spare is always a good idea. You don’t want to be stuck with a flat tire and a broken pump.

Before purchasing a pump make sure it works with your baby buggy model. Each manufacture produces different products.

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jogging stroller accessories starter kit

8. Starter Kits for Pushchairs

A lot of manufacturers sell accessory starter kits that will include items such as a rain cover or sun canopy.

It usually comes in a carry bag that fits your stroller which is another plus.

See if your pushchair model has this option, it is a good way to start your accessory collection.

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jogging stroller accessories carry bag

9. Carry Bag for Strollers

Many manufacturers make special bags so you can store and transport your stroller with ease. Not only is your pushchair compact, but having a bag will protect it from any damage.

Some companies like MacLaren sells bags that you can check in as baggage if you are flying.

This can be useful if you need your buggy to go on vacation too!

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jogging stroller accessories stroller snow ski

10. Snow Wheels

If you have a jogger or an all terrain vehicle you probably don’t have to worry about this, but if not your manufacturer might sell special wheels for harsh weather. Bugaboo is one of those companies that offer snow wheels for their models.

With so many options you are sure to find the perfect fit for your stroller. Just like buying yourself accessories you can get whatever you need to accessorize your stroller and make it look great. After all, accessories make the outfit….or the pushchair!

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