Choosing the Best Jogging Stroller – Made Easy

Choosing the Best Jogging Stroller

Looking for something which you and your baby both enjoy? Look no further than jogging strollers. Specially designed to ensure all safety standards, these riding wagons are all you need to get back to your fitness regime. But before making such a long term investment, one should be aware of all variants available for jogging strollers as they can be quite different from normal strollers. Explore all possible options before you buy your very own riding baby buggy.

Weight of the Stroller

Make sure the running stroller is not very bulky or heavyweight. It is not a cakewalk to run with a stroller, but a lightweight running cart can ease the daily jog. An aluminium frame is preferable to a steel one.

Also look for the maximum child weight limit specified by the manufacturer with the thought that your child will grow as you continue to run.

Front Wheel

Riding baby strollers have two different modes when it comes to the front wheel – fixed and swivel. Most strollers offer a front wheel which can be locked in a straight forward position which is apt for running or set free to rotate which aids walking.

It is recommended to have both options in the jogging child wagon. Before starting to jog, make sure that the wheel is not in swivel mode, otherwise even over a small pebble, the swivelling wheel can turn the wagon upside down or in a wrong direction.

The width of the wheel is also an important feature to be accounted for. While carts with narrow wheels are slimmer and fit through doors more easily, wider wheeled wagons provide better space for larger children and are more stable.

An excellent shock resistance and suspension system is a must have feature while riding on uneven surfaces.

Adjustable Handle

Baby strollers often come with an adjustable handle to match with people of all heights. Be it the mother or the father or the grandparent, height adjustment makes the stroller a family friendly cart.

Hand brakes are also an important thing to be checked for before buying. In hilly areas and on steep surfaces, it helps the runner to maintain her form and pace while running downhill.


An adjustable sun canopy is essential to protect the baby from bright sunshine. A fully adjustable canopy can be set according to the direction of the sun as it changes position.

Easy fold

A stroller which folds to the minimum size possible is the one to be looked for. Also, the process should be easy and the joints should be smooth enough to move.

But then again, this smoothness can prove dangerous while running or walking. Ensure that the easy folding options do not compromise the safety of the stroller.

Extra Features

Built-in speakers, odometers, snack trays, cup holders, trays for keeping keys and wallets are good to have in a jogging stroller. But a higher number of such extras often add up to the weight of the cart and can affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It is up to you to decide which options are useful for you.

To choose the best jogging stroller, think about how much running you anticipate you will be doing. Choose a jogging stroller with better safety and durability and which covers all your basic requirements.