Bugaboo Runner Review

I am super amazed and impressed by the design of the Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller! This brings a whole new look for busy mommies, who are fond of multi tasking while bringing the baby along, like me.

Reversible seat

I love how I’m able to face my little one while running tons of errands for the day. With this stroller, I’m ready to face the world while being able to enjoy the adorable smile of my little bundle of joy.

Reclinable seat

While I’m not really sure if babies get back aches after slouching around on the same position for hours, I’m glad that the seats are adjustable. When my baby’s is awake I can set it to sit up straight and when he feels like taking a nap I can just set it back to recline.

Large wheels

The 16″ rear wheels and 14″ front wheel provides a smooth and straight run with utmost stability for me and my baby.

Tracking controls and Built-in Suspension

The front wheel has an excellent tracking control feature so it can adjust to any deviation if necessary. Plus the built-in suspension has an excellent shock absorbing system to prevent any surprising bumps that might cause trauma to my little one.


  • The Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller has an easy and quick-access handlebar brake to control speed and stopping using any hand.
  • Has a height-adjustable handlebar so I can comfortably run or walk at my desired position.
  • Also has an underseat basket that provides great space and can be easily accessible so my essentials will stay in place during a long walk or run.
  • The Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller is compact. It’s very light and easy to fold for easy storage.
  • It also has mud guards on all three wheels to keep clean and safe from random remains. And all fabrics are machine washable.


The Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller is great for active mums or dads who don’t want to compromise, it is a jogging stroller that includes its own seat for your little one. It is ideal for busy parents looking to stay active without worrying if your accessories will fit right in since there’s a spacious under seat basket than can be accessible anytime. It’s also very compact, easy to use and easy to store. Not to mention easy to clean too since all fabrics are machine washable. Not only do you get to spend time with your most precious one, you also get to stay fit and in shape with the The Bugaboo Runner Complete Stroller.