BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review

BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review











  • Adjustable shock absorbers and easy to use folding system Extremely compact
  • Fits into the trunk of most any car
  • Weight Capacity: 70 pounds (32.0 kg)
  • Hand activated front wheel brake that acts as a slowing mechanism
  • Tough welded frame, Durable fabric


  • Front tire does not swivel.

I was so frustrated that I could only do limited stuff with the stroller I used to have for my baby, then I found out about the BOB Sport Utility Stroller online, and decided to buy right away.

Knowing the convenience of the BOB Revolution Pro Stroller, and the awesome features of it, made me want to share my research with you, who are willing and enticed to experience the best satisfaction I am currently having for this product.

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Here’s a lightweight stroller that was built with mom in mind that loves her morning routine to be full of exercise.  For the grandmother who has her precious grandchild for the day, and wants to go out for a walk around the park or maybe shopping at the mall.

The Bob Sport Utility Stroller is great for getting off the city streets, and onto the path for a morning jog bringing baby along!  This stroller may be lightweight, but it’s heavy-duty.  It’s easy to fold and the wheels are simple to remove for added compactness.  The canopy is large that when it overhangs it easily covers baby’s eyes and protects sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  It also has a window to peak in, and make sure everything is okay. The suspension is great, and a hammock-style seat with a padded seat back for comfort of baby, and to sit up nice and high.  There is a basket underneath, a large pocket on the back of the seat and two mesh pockets inside enough room to store those extra things if  your planning on a long day.

It is lightweight, but heavy-duty.  It has been said that construction of this quality has not been seen in any other strollers around, after putting  hundreds of miles on the BOB Sport Utility Stroller it still looks and acts brand new!  Now, that’s for me.

Maximum Stability with the Fixed Front Wheel

Let’s get straight to the point. BOB provides a straight, locked front wheel to maximize stability. The three-wheel design enables you to control the stroller properly and make sure it stays on track whatever the road terrain is. The 16” wheels are perfect for outdoors.

A Comfortable Ride with the Suspension System

The stroller is equipped with shock absorbers as a suspension system to ensure that your baby stays very comfortable on rough roads or uneven terrain.


Other than the key features the BOB Sport Utility Stroller has as mentioned above, here are other features it has to offer which can definitely be beneficial to you and your baby:

  • Distinctively designed compact and easy-to- fold frame made from strong aluminum alloy. The two-step folding frame offers easy transport for busy parents and caregivers. For storage and transport, the thin frame is designed to be as compact as possible. The durable fabric is easy to clean and stain resistant, it also appears with a selection of colors that suits your personality.
  • Multiple adjustments can be done with the BOB Sport Utility stroller’s reclining seat which can be adjusted to up to 70 degrees. The adjustable multi-position canopy is also a very convenient way to keep your baby in the shade.

Reviews and Scores

After several days later of my purchase, I was really blown away of all the positive reactions and evaluations.

The experience was really satisfying and all these other parents are feeling the same thing. The BOB Sport Utility stroller also has a 4.6 stars rating in Amazon.

Here’s what one happy mom said on the comments section:

“This is our second one of these. The first was the double model. It was a little too big, but this one (assuming you don't need to haul 2 kids at the same time) is much easier to get through doorways, haul in the car etc.

It folds up in seconds, the large tires are great (we have taken in off road, off trail many times) so smooth, and it seems like the kids are comfortable in it. The canopy has very good coverage as well. Although on this one it is a bit tight (like the fabric is a little too small) so it doesn’t always stay all the way open (covering the child) at times.”


I personally think that the main focus of BOB is to create a stroller that is very convenient to use and that would provide comfort to your baby. The features of the BOB Sport Utility Stroller are designed to provide stability and maximum comfort to the parents and their baby. It is one of the many competitive products of BOB that is exceeds the standards of most strollers in the market today.

Bob Sport Utility Stroller Stats:

  • Product Dimensions: 51 x 23 x 41 inches ; 30 pounds
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Wheels/Tires:16” x 2”