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Looking for a stroller that’s best for the outdoors? Then the BOB Revolution Pro Stroller is the best one to get for your baby. Since we’ve been really into the outdoors, I had some issues with the stroller I used to have for my baby. I was so surprised when I saw the BOB Revolution Pro Stroller, with its many features, I was able to immediately decide to make this my next stroller.

Getting the Revolution Pro was a really great deal and I want to share my research with you all so many more parents will be able to enjoy the same convenience and satisfaction I have for this product.

BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

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All-Terrain Stroller

We’re really fond of the outdoors and a very sturdy stroller is needed so we can bring my baby to the hillside for picnics and strolls. The BOB Revolution Pro Stroller is designed to be able to withstand and provide total comfort for your baby in rocky roads and rough terrains.

It’s rear drum brakes are hand-activated so you can totally control the speed and pace of the stroller. Especially strolling through downhill routes, the brakes provide you total control of the stroller keeping you and your baby very safe.

Adjustable Handle Bar

It’s not just your baby who gets the total comfort with the Revolution Pro but you too. The adjustable handle bar allows you still have full control with the stroller while doing activities such as jogging, brisk walking, trekking rough roads and many others activities. The handle is also padded with soft yet very durable materials adding comfort and ease in controlling and handling the stroller.


  • Specially designed Rear-Drum brakes are activated by hand which add extra and full control when you are going downhill.
  • The very adjustable padded handle bar can be positioned in 9 different styles and angles to provide you comfort while holding the stroller
  • For easier maneuvering, the Front wheel has a Swivel and Lock-in feature
  • The exclusive suspension system by BOB guarantees safety and comes with 2 stages to support weight for your baby while still having a very smooth ride

Reviews and Scores

A couple of weeks later after my purchase, I am very pleased to see more added reviews which expectedly turned-out to be positive. I definitely feel the same satisfaction with the other reivews. And gladly, the rate in Amazon is a whopping 4.8 with over 50 reviews.

Here is one to quote:

Just recieved my BOB stroller. The breaks work fantastic, it is well made and very durable. Product was assembled upon arrival, all but the tires you put on yourself which is easy!


I can definitely say that the BOB Revolution Pro is worth every penny! With all its positive feedback from all the customers other than my own, I am very confident about this product. I never will regret spending some cash for my baby. He’s actually always happy riding the Revolution Pro while jogging, going to the hillside, and doing many more activities. It is by far, the best outdoor all-terrain stroller there is on the market.