BOB Revolution CE Stroller Review

BOB has always manufactured phenomenal strollers. I used to have another BOB which I gave to my sister when she gave birth 2 years ago. I gave birth 2 months ago and bought us a new one – the BOB Revolution CE stroller.

I always liked how the stroller works and the how they are designed. They are also very durable and of high quality. I’m making this review as a testimony of the positive experience about the BOB stroller that we have.

Front Wheel Swivel

Like the old BOB I got, the Revolution CE also has a swivelling front wheel. This allows one  to manoeuvre the stroller easily in different directions. There is also a lock for increased stability on rough terrain or when jogging.

2 Step Folding

The Bob Revolution CE is also very easy to store. You need not to memorize long steps of storing your stroller as it has an easy 2-step folding system to give you no hassle.


  • The suspension system is adjustable – this gives your baby a smooth ride keeping them comfortable when the road is bumpy.
  • Provided is an accessory adaptor that is compatible with different BOB car seats and other car seats available in the market.
  • The seats and the harness belts are all padded so your baby won’t feel any hard metal surface while riding – sitting or lying on the stroller – the harness can easily be adjusted to fit your baby and keep them secure.

BOB Revolution CE Stroller Review and Score

The BOB Revolution CE stroller has been on the market for 5 years now. And I am not surprised about all the positive reviews it has got online. Amazon rates it at 4.6 stars with over 76 reviews.

Here are some examples of the positive feedback from verified purchasers the BOB Revolution CE stroller has on Amazon:

“This is it!! It is the only stroller I ever needed! I wish I would not have bought 5 before I realized that it would be better to only have one stroller for all my needs. This is my jogging, strolling, and shopping stroller. I chose the CE over the more popular SE because it is lighter but it is still an all terrain stroller so if I choose to go hiking it can still handle some off-road trails. It is wonderful!

I did a ton of research on joggers and really didn’t want the BOB brand due to all the hype and expense. However I wanted quality and in the end I kept coming back to the SE and CE. I have a small SUV and don’t do any off road jogging, so the CE with smaller wheels was perfect! The tires do not have air in them when you receive it so you do have to add air before using. For all the reviews I read, I was really nervous about trying to get them filled as many said it was a major pain due to the stem placement. My husband was able to fill them with no problem using a car valve. My daughter and I loved our morning walks during maternity leave and she still (at 4 mo) loves the evening outings!”

BOB Revolution CE Stroller Review Conclusion

Another product of BOB is actually giving the company a good name in the stroller industry. The BOB Revolution CE stroller can be expensive, as many reviews say, but many still purchase the stroller knowing the BOB is a trusted brand. As a mother, I never thought of the money I would have to spend to buy this for my babies. I was really focused more on the benefits the BOB Revolution CE stroller has provided us, and that is what’s really important.