Best Jogging Stroller for Runners 2016 – The BOB Revolution Flex

The BOB Revolution Flex








Suitable for Jogging



  • Huge Canopy
  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Wrist Strap
  • Nice Roomy Seat
  • 5 Point Harness


  • Too Bulky
  • No Auto Lock
  • No Drink Holder

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A new generation of jogging pushchairs are giving moms and dads with a new family the chance to run as much as possible, it’s no wonder that sales are rising so dramatically.

As your young children takes all your time to look after, it can be hard to find a chance to go for a quick run – this is where running buggies come into play. They’re specially designed for jogging, which means you can lose weight as your little one gets some fresh air and sunshine.

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Best Jogging Stroller for Runners 2015

What’s Makes a Top Running Stroller, Here’s The Deal:

Whether you are looking for a stroller go to go to the shops with, or for serious running, we’ve chosen the best stroller we think is the most suitable for serious runners and also for general daily usage.

Our rough criteria for deciding on the most awesome pushchair for joggers, what you might be wondering:

  • It Must have five point harness
  • A wrist strap is a must for jogging
  • A hand operated break for good safety measure
  • We prefer at least 16 inch wheels, they are ideal for a smooth and safe run
  • Plus a fixed front wheel is crucial for any serious joggers
  • And of course, ease-of-use & manoeuvrability is also taken into consideration, as well as;
  • The ability to get the running buggy in/out of the back of your car,
  • and the weight of the frame, of course a light-weight frame being better

This is the criteria we used to come to the conclusion on our favorite jogging stroller suitable for running…

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BOB Revolution Flex Pushchair Overview

BOB-Revolution-Flex-Stroller-BlackThe BOB Revolution Flex is a dream come true for experienced runners and causal joggers, its great for urban shopping days out – or just as great for usage on rough terrain and bushy trails. Plus, its one hell of a good lookin’ baby buggie.

Across America BOB has managed to make this one of the number one jogging strollers – they have dominated the mom and dad jogging niche for quite some years. The hardy tires on this jogger, a massive canopy, the spacious seat, with an easy quick-fold technology have active parents rushing into purchase a BOB stroller on the moment they are expecting a child.

Although the Flex is one of the most popular for joggers, the strollers have been missing additional feature that we all have been waiting for, that’s right an adjustable handlebar.

Gratefully, they heard our pain and finally released the Revolution Flex. It’s got all the bells and whistles the much loved Revolution SE had, but with added awesomeness of an adjustable handle bar – It can move into 9 different positions, down and up. Making it the BEST stroller for joggers on the market in my opinion.

We Found The BOB Revolution Flex To Be The Best Stroller for Running, And Here is Why:


  • Its got a huge canopy
  • with an adjustable handle bar
  • and wrist strap
  • A nice roomy seat
  • with seat pockets for storage
  • plus a 5 point harness for safety
  • Extra storage in the back of the seat
  • and large baskets carrying heavy items
  • Large wheels
  • with an adjustable suspension system
  • along with an easy to reach foot brake
  • Plus it is easy to fold
  • Also comes in a double stroller version


  • Too bulky
  • No Automatic lock
  • No drink holder

Expert’s Opinion

I gave Flex 5 out of 5 stars because it’s just as great as SE model. The adjustable handle bar makes it even better. Now, I have almost nothing to complain about – Susan Brian from

For more details on the pro’s and con’s, please keep reading below…

Best jogging stroller for runners 2015 family photo

Want to know the best part?

Large Canopy

The canopy has a huge clear plastic peekaboo window, with a closure that uses Velcro. In contrast with a ton of different jogger strollers this is one of the best sunshades available that I have seen.

Adjustable Handle Bar

At last BOB updated the handle bar – It’s  now adjustable and goes from 34″ up to 45″ from the floor including 9 various positions. Making this stroller suitable for both tall and short parents. It’s also padded with a nice soft foam covering.

Wrist Strap

The wrist strap attached to the handle bar gives added safety just in case the jogger grows its own pair of legs and runs away while running – a must have for any stroller used when on a run.

Best jogging stroller for runners 2015 handle bar wrist strap

Photo of the BOB Flex showcasing the Wrist Strap, Canopy, and Adjustable Handle Bar

The other plus is the adjustable handle! – Meg Eaton

Spacious Sea

The extra soft padding on the child seat will give your baby ultimate support as well as comfort. It’s a 23″ high  and 14.5″ wide seat measuring from the bottom of the seat to the top of the sunshade canopy. It can recline so deep that it just about makes a flat position. In saying that its not the best recline system as it’s got 2 straps, unlike most strollers having 1 strap. There is one strap each side, meaning you have to use 2 hands to recline and bring the seat back to an upright position. The best and the most popular recliners only require 1 hand. Quick thought –  imagine a single handed lever as opposed to all these pesky straps! The seat can be used for children from 6 months up to 70 lbs. Durable and easy to wash and wipe.

5 Point Harness

As with majority of pushchairs today, it features a 5 point adjustable harness. The great thing I love about the harness is to adjust it you don’t have to bother with re-threading it. One aspect I am not really digging is the buckle to release the harness is a tad too easy to unlock – if your’re gifted like me you have a little rascal it MAY become in issue :D. Your baby boy or girl may be able to get out of the stroller as you are running – not great. The good part is that harness padding is nice thick and comfortable.

best jogging stroller 2015 fiv point adjsutable harness and seat

The 5 point adjustable harness and comfy seat for your child

2 Large 16″ Air Filled Wheels

When you’re in the market for a running pushchair it all comes down to the wheels, if you are looking for a great stroller then you’re in luck! This baby rolls 2 air-filled tyres. Super soft and durable pair of 16″ wheels on the back and 12″ wheel on the front. Made from quality polymer material providing high impact and durability. The great thing is you can simple ride this stroller on dirt tracks without an issue. Excellent for a trip along the beach or going to the local park with your kids.

Hey, its even able to handle the snow if you can handle the cold! The front wheel has a nice swivel and not too clunky – as most strollers it can be locked in to a straight position for more rough surfaces and terrain.

Best jogging stroller for runners 2015 big wheels

Photo of the BOB Flex showcasing the nice big air filled 16′ Wheels

When running, the stroller is incredibly easy to maneuver and push. – A. Richardson

Adjustable Suspension System

The suspension system is absolutely one of a kind, this together with the wheels is what makes the Flex an outstanding stroller.  You won’t get this kind of system on a regular stroller, and I am yet to see one this good on any other jogger for that matter. I found it super handy that you can even adjust the suspension settings depending on the surface your rolling on – You can be assured that your ride will be uber smooth at all times!

best jogging stroller for runners 2015 adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride

best jogging stroller for runners 2016 adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride

Back Seat Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage? Most of the time I get the feeling I’m bringing half a house with me just for a trip to the playground. The back pocket zipper offers some extra storage for smaller goods.

Large Basket

Having a nice big basket for all your goodies is a lifesaver. Majority jogging strollers have tiny baskets, so for me this is a great extra on the Flex. You can easily fit a large diaper bag, plus its not hard to get access to from the sides and the back of the stroller.

Rear Foot Brake

Located near the back wheels, when locked it will lock both of the rear wheels. Unfortunately it’s not not easy to flip, so be warned you may get some scratches on your shoes.

Easy 2-Step Fold

The 2-step fold requires 2 hands, luckily it is quite easy to fold up and unfold – unfortunately it does not have an automatic lock. Once folded, you might find it best to use a simple clip to hold and lock the stroller in position. The dimensions once folded are 39″Length x 25.5″Width x 16″Height.

As you can see, it is not a small stroller – so if you’re finding it hard to fit in the back of the car, it’s not too hard to dismantle the back wheels and take them off. The other thing is that it does not stand by it self once it’s folded., though I didn’t find this to be much of an issue.

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There is not too many bad things we can say about this stroller, the few that we found, see below:

What we didn’t love

Too bulky – The Flex uses up a fair bit of space in the back of the car. To make it more compact you can remove the wheels, there is not much else that can be done.

No Automatic lock – We can hope BOB is still working on it, for now just use a strap and a clip to hold it into place.

No drink holder – A drink holder would be nice, as I can imagine many parents would like to have easy access to a bottle of water while they are running.

So what’s the bottom line?

It’s a great stroller, I highly recommend it for all serious runners, and even those who just want some awesome gear. It’s a very handy and safety feature rich pram.

Overall a terrific stroller and highly recommended! – Sheri Fogarty

Best Pushchair For Runners 2016 Video Review

Here is a terrific video review of Revolution Flex by Baby Gizmo.

BOB Flex Promotional Video

Check out the our most loved stroller’s official promo video, it will highlight many of the features detailed above in the review above.


  • Stroller weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight limit: 70 lbs
  • Folded dimensions: 39″L x 25.5″W x 16″H
  • Overall Length: Swivel mode 48″ / Jogging mode 53″
  • Overall Width: 25.4″
  • Handle bar height: 34″ to 45″
  • Seat to canopy height: 23″


BOB offers a 5 year limited warranty on the stroller frame and 1 year warranty on the small parts and fabrics. For more info visit BOB.

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Best jogging stroller for runners 2015 wrist strap action shot

A happy mom with her new favourite jogging stroller as a runner 2016


  • Please make sure your baby is at least six months old and make sure they can hold their head up. Some manufactures recommened your child should be even 1 year old.
  • Take note, be aware that using a running stroller is not the same as normal running, there is more pressure on your hands, shoulders and arms that you won’t be use to – it will take some time. Also, be aware that these new strollers are quite big, so be mindful of people you are passing by and of course ensure to have enough room for storage.
  • Be safe and make sure to stretch before your jog, look after yourself and your child. Most of all have some fun and lose some weight! 🙂

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