Best Baby Car Seat Guide

Today we will discuss an important topic of child safety, and show you how to find the best baby car seat. Most people cannot imagine travelling around in a vehicle without fastening their seat belt, cautious parents cannot image travelling around in a vehicle with an unrestrained child or kid. Car accidents can be extremely fatal, and can throw an unrestrained passenger forward or sideways uncontrollably, causing unnecessary damage. Car crashes at just around 50 km per hour can throw an unrestrained passenger forward with a force that is thirty to sixty times their body weight. If the travelling passenger with you is your child who is not properly restrained, the accident can have drastic results.

Small kids, babies and infants should never be moved around unrestrained in a vehicle. You should not hold them or make them sit in your lap while driving as the child can be crushed between you and the vehicle in case an accident occurs. Using the vehicles seat belt for a small child is also not a good idea as the child’s small build can slip out of the seat belt from the force of the collision. Moreover, the cars seat belt can harm or cut across the child’s neck, face or arms as they are made from strong material suitable for adults.

Child Car Seat Guide How Do They Work

Baby Car Seats Provide Safety To Your Child

The safest way to move around with your child in a car or vehicle is to use a great baby car seat. A wide range of baby car seats is available these days made for new born babies to toddlers and growing kids. The seats differ in the features they offer and also have different weight and height limits to fit your child. Car seat manufacturers put years of research and experience in designing the best quality car seats which will be right for your baby.

Types Of Baby Car Seats

A number of the best baby car seats are available today, which include infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster car seats. Infant car seats are designed for new born babies and provide the advantage, ease and convenience to parents to simply remove the infant carrier from the car seat base to move their baby outside the vehicle. Infant car seats are always installed in rear facing position and can carry kids weighing up to 20 or 30 pounds.

Convertible car seats can be installed in both rear facing and forward facing positions and can be used for kids right from birth till they weigh 30 to 35 pounds in rear facing position and can carry kids weighing up to 65 pounds in forward facing position. These baby car seats can be used for a longer period of time, but the only disadvantage with them is that you cannot remove them from the vehicle to carry your baby around.

Once your kid reaches the age of 1 year, you should buy a baby booster car seat. These car seats can be used for kids from the age of 1 year to up to 8 to 10 years, till your child reaches 100 pounds, or has grown tall enough to use the cars seat belt without any problem.

Buying A Car Seat

When buying the best baby car seat for your child, make sure that you check the features it offers, and the recommended guidelines for using the car seat, such as maximum height and weight limits. Car seat adaptors are also a good choice. The car seat should be compatible with your vehicle and should meet all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Baby car seats which provide Side Impact Protection or SIP are safer to use. Always make sure that the baby car seat you buy should fit your child snugly and is not too small or too large for your baby.

Never buy a second hand or used car seat unless you are sure that the baby car seat has not been in an accident ever. Some parents may be tempted to purchase a second hand car for their baby to save a few dollars, without knowing that a car seat which has been in an accident will not be able to protect their child in case an accident occurred. Similarly, the best baby car seats which are older than 6 to 8 years should not be used at all even if they are in brand new condition. Old car seats are never tested to meet latest safety standards, and you will only be risking your child’s life by using an old or used car seat.

Great baby car seats are designed to eliminate the need of using a vehicles seat belt to secure the child in place. Instead, the car seat belts are used to secure the child car seat to the vehicle in which your baby can ride comfortably.

If you plan to buy an infant car seat for your new born, you can choose any of these or more from car seats and accessories.

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