Baby Jogger Company Profile


Baby Jogger Company Information

Baby Jogger company is committed to improving your quality of life. It manufactures an impressive line of durable strollers and accessories. Its strollers are made to stand all terrain and can be customized to fit your individual needs. Baby Jogger boasts of a safe, stylish, and easy to use product.

Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers

  • High Customer Rating
  • Price Range: $259.99 – $749.99
  • Pros: smooth ride, easy to push though any terrain or weather
  • Cons: bulky, inadequate sun canopy

Baby Jogger Double Jogging Strollers

  • High Customer Rating
  • Price Range: $325.99 – $649.99
  • Pros: easy to maneuver, brakes work well, light, spacious seating, reclining seats, easy to wash, smooth ride, easy to push through any terrain or weather, five point harness, large storage basket, easy to fold, compact, easy to transport, well balanced, separate canopies can be adjusted by each child
  • Cons: no cons found

The Baby Jogger business has been praised by families all around the word. Their product backs up their promise of superior quality and safety. And it is not just for those who jog either! Reviews praise Baby Jogger’s products for its easy manoeuvrability in busy streets, through traffic, and while shopping. The jogging strollers are a bit pricey, but you will surely get many years of use out of this product.

Baby Jogger Company History

Baby Jogger Company was brought into the world at the same time as Phil Baechler’s son. It was 1984 and Phil did not want to give up time with his new son, but neither did he want to give up jogging. He soon saw that regular stroller wheels would never stand up to heavy activity, so he made some modifications. He used bicycle tires and after several tries, he discovered the three wheel design. This changed the stroller industry forever. In 1986 another model was added to the Baby Jogger line. It was the first double jogging stroller and was called the “Twinner.” Both the Twinner and the original Baby Jogger were only for serious runners.

Their frames did not fold up and the wheels were bolted to the frame. Only through a lot of time and work could either of these models be folded down By 1994 there were several new models with the Baby Jogger name including the Twinner 2 and the Baby Jogger 2. Both joggers were able to fold down quickly and compactly, plus they had quick release wheels. Both ensured that the strollers could be taken anywhere! Throughout the 2000 to 2006 years Baby Jogger kept redesigning and creating new models that were better than before. It looks for easier ways to fold and operate their strollers and it has paid off. Many joggers now have a front swivel wheel for easier steering. Baby Jogger also expanded to bike trailers so you can take your little ones wherever you go!

Today Baby Jogger is still devoted to excellence. It never stops looking for innovative ideas and ways to improve its models. It wants the best experience for you and your baby.

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