Hello and welcome to Baby Jogger Stroller. My name is Alison, I’m on a mission to give you the best advice on jogging strollers, fitness tips, and actionable health tips.

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This site was established in 2014 with a goal to keep parents informed of the best jogging strollers on the market, advice and tips around fitness and health for parents, and inspiring parents to integrate exercises into their busy parenting lifestyles. I was often annoyed seeing too many spammy stroller sites that failed to give good advice and accurate information to their audience.

This site is made for us, for the active parent and health conscious parents in mind.

My Story

I had a very ordinary childhood, and like a lot of us, I never really gave much thought to my health or my weight (especially in my earlier years). This all changed when I started college and I was gaining some weight gradually, an old story for a lot of us, right!

Later in life, after having children and tying the knot with my better half, the weight kept on piling on – I was still not doing anything about it, nor did I really take much notice. I was miserable, felt like I was hit by a truck every morning – and the funniest part is I was not sure why – but today it is obvious to me:

I never exercised. I ate garbage.

The thing is, I never actually noticed my weight until one day a good friend of mine asked if I was pregnant again!

That was it for me!

Long story short, I have changed my ways, lost the weight, exercising regularly and the best part is I’m feeling amazing.

What has it all got to do with jogging strollers? Well as a busy parent I needed to find a way to integrate my exercise routine into my daily life – I am busy, I work 9-5, have 3 kids. It’s not an easy task, and this is where the mighty jogging stroller became my best friend.

This is how I became an active parent, and I hope I can inspire more people to lead a more active and happy lifestyle.